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About Our Pet Store


Carrying on the noble and aristocratic Vizsla,  German Shorthaired Pointer and Weimaraner characteristics.

We started Noble Heritage Pointers in 2018, as a result of Vanda’s dream to bring the true beauty of the Hungarian Vizslas from her ancestral homeland to North America and to breed a high standard of quality puppies. All of our dogs come from highly reputable breeders from Europe and all come from hunting working parent lines. 

We added to our canine family both Weimaraner and German Shorthaired Pointer breeds and are breeding purebred Vizslas and German Shorthaired Pointers.

Our breeding program aims to provide high quality puppies that stay true to the standards, carrying on excellent traits and characteristic with great temperaments. We invest a lot of time in our puppies ensuring that they are well socialized, following the Puppy Culture principles. We provide an enriching and loving environment which allows them to thrive. It is very important for us that our puppies go to a great home and that their future owners have the time and space that the breeds require. 

We are committed to providing a life time of support and to answer any questions you might encounter on your journey with your dog. We understand that life circumstances can change and if for whatever reason you are not able to keep your puppy that you please contact us.

As the most important thing for us is the health and well being of the puppy, beside temperament. We provide 26 month health check guarantee for hips and genetic issues that are common to the breeds. 

Our dogs share our 10 acre farm with us in the beautiful Armstrong area of the Spallumcheen Valley. They cohabitate on the farm with livestock (sheep, goats, pigs, cattle), water fowl, turkeys and chickens.

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