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Hello Vanda and Mark,

We’ve been meaning to reach out to you to express our thoughts on our Vizsla experience and Noble Heritage Pointers. 


It took us 3 1/2 years to be ready to add a new dog to our family. Our friends who have a Vizsla who we often look after gave us your number. After speaking with you about your dogs, the care you put into them, health testing and training we decided to proceed. 


We knew we wanted a female. We appreciated that you sent us videos and photos from the moment they were born. We fell in love with the Dam, Summer. Her confirmation and temperament were something we’d hoped for in our dog. After receiving the results from the health testing we we’re happy to move forward. 

You kindly kept our pup for us for 12 weeks and we appreciated the extra time with the dam and the training start with Tasha Deme (Certified Obedience Instructor & Canine Behaviour Specialist). 


We were already in love with Fir before we met her but after our first month with her, felt like we won the dog lottery. After picking her up she settled in right away, she is respectful, has a lovely temperament and is a quick learner. In the past 3 months she has picked up obedience lessons very quickly and has made a great start on nose work which she loves. We are looking forward to competing with her and putting her skills to work this summer.  She has also accompanied us on some short backcountry split boarding runs where she proved to be aware of our movements and instinctively kept out of the way while completely enjoying herself.


It’s wonderful to see a sporting dog in action. We love our little Valhalla’s Noble Fir. 


Many thanks to you. 

Warm Regards,





Mark and Vanda are absolutely amazing people! They did an excellent job taking care of Sadie during her first eight weeks life.


We were pleasantly surprised when we brought her home and found that she was already mostly house trained. She had very few accidents for a little puppy!


They gave us really great advice when they handed Sadie over to our care and have always made themselves available whenever we have had any questions.


Sadie is a very sweet little pup with bundles of energy and she has become a huge part of our home.


We are so grateful to Mark and Vanda for all the work they put in to care for Sadie (and the rest of the puppies), including making sure she got all the important vaccinations by eight weeks and keeping her healthy with quality food.


We also really appreciated that they kept us updated with photos and videos to show us her progress and growth.


They very clearly have a deep passion and love for their animals, and it showed through whenever we spoke to them or visited the farm.


Thank you Mark and Vanda for choosing us to be Sadie’s humans!

Delluhle and Janzel


“We couldn’t have found a better dog or better breeders to work with.


Vanda and Mark took the time to get to know us before helping us choose the perfect puppy for our family. They were patient and understanding, even allowing us to visit the pups a couple of times.  


Albert is just who our family needed.  He is sweet and patient with the kids, loves snuggles and playing with everyone, is smart and athletic.  He loves running on the trails, diving in the snow for sticks and snowballs, and curling up in front of the fire.  


We just finished a huge house renovation and Albert wasn’t the least phased by power tools, walls coming down and greeted everyone with happy Vizsla wiggles.  We love him so much.  


Thank you Mark and Vanda!”


Leeanne, Mark, Kash & Milo



Noble Heritage Pointers has been an absolute dream to work with.


I don't know how they do it, but they matched me with the perfect Weizla pup, my sweet Zipper. He is full of love and extremely friendly, just like Vanda and Mark.


It's clear they work hard with their litters to socialize the pups, and give them a safe and stimulating home to explore. The weekly video and text updates as the puppies were growing helped me feel included in the process. They've also stayed involved since I brought Zipper home - they love and care for their puppies as much as the furever families do.


I would (and have!) recommend Noble Heritage Pointers to anyone looking for a well-tempered, clever, energetic, lovebug of a dog. Whether you're looking for a working dog or a family companion, Noble Heritage is the right choice!"


Sarah Bell (Vancouver)


We took our time finding just right breeder, and we found it with Noble Heritage Pointers. 


Right from the very beginning Vanda and Mark were willing to answer our questions and let us come meet Summer and Almos. We instantly fell in love with them and their temperament. At that time they had a litter of Weizlas, so we also got to see how they raise their puppies. We loved that they were part of the household and family. We also saw how they interacted with their dogs and the puppies, and that there was genuine love behind their breeding practice. 


As soon as the puppies were born, we received an email telling us the good news that there was a girl for us. From that point on we received photos, videos and written updates. We were able to visit a few times, and they always made us feel welcome.  


Our girl seems well adjusted. Household noises don't bother her, she is very friendly to strangers, and absolutely loves to cuddle. 


Thank you Vanda and Mark for such a sweet pup. 


Andrew & Angie 

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